Document Management System (DMS)


Document Management System

DMS is the utilization of a software or computer system for archiving, managing and tracking documents. This modern approach to file storage handles digital files and paper-based documents that are image-captured or scanned. It is differentiated from content management systems which are used to create and publish digital content online.

DigiVert document management system (DMS) which is used to manage, store and track heaps of documents so it reduces the papers in your office, it has many good features like Access Control, Documents Access History, Workflow Management it is also capable of keeping record of this various versions created and updated by different users.

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Slient Features of DigiVert DMS


Version control

An essential feature to monitor who obtained the file and what actions they performed.


Document annotations

Comments or post-its placed on the document’s content where users can discuss and catch the attention of other users to a specific part.


Check-in and check-out

The changes made to a document are synchronized so no adjustments get lost or overwritten. During a check-out status, the document may only be viewed and read.



It enforces corporate policies and gives you control of completion time. This improves efficiency and correct routing of the documents.

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